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Your emailer program/app can unpack/unzip these bz2 compressed files or you can go to this site and get this simple free proven program to unpack the files: Compressed File Unzipper. Newer Window's OSs use this one: "Download .msi 64-bit x64 1MB".
When you have installed the 7zip program and downloaded the data file from us. open up Windows Explorer and find the data file you just downloaded from this site. It will have a filename like Now highlight the data file and right click on it, then select "Extract Here" It will create another file called mydatafromohio.csv.tar . Now highlight the new file and right click on it, then select "Extract Here" AGAIN. It will create a new file mydatafromohio.csv. Now you will have the basic CSV text file that you can open with Excel, Notepad, or any other editor or word processing program. Another similar app can be found here at have an app for Macs.

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